Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Article

This TV Series was completed and aired in 2008.
It was produced by the ''Sagar Films ( Pvt.Ltd.)''
( Also known as the ''Sagar Arts''.The owners
of this film & TV company are popularly knowns as the
''Sagars'').It was aired on the ''STAR TV (Asia)''
-- First on it's ''STAR Plus'' channel and later on
''STAR Utsav'' channel.

Some people presumes that it is a TV Series for
the kids,but they are absolutely wrong because this
is one of the best TV Series ever made for both
young and adults.It has a lot of entertainment for
the whole family.It is like the stories from the
evergreen great book ''The Arabian Nights''.It has
the same magic and colors as those of the tales
from the centuries-old classic masterpiece ''The
Arabian Nights''.In fact,it features nearly all of
the most famous of ''The Arabian Nights''characters,
namely,''Hatim'',''Ali Baba'' and of course,''Sinbad
the Sailor''.

I am highly thankful to both the ''Sagar Films''
and the ''STAR TV'' for producing and airing such a
marvelous TV Series.It seems that the ''Sagars''
possess a magical touch.Every TV Series they produce,
it is the best of it's kind.And,''STAR TV'' is the
largest and the best entertainment TV network in Asia,
specially in India where it has been at the top of the
list of all the entertainment networks -- for more than
a decade,airing best of the TV programmes.I hope both of
these will continue the good work that they have been
doing for years.I wish them good luck in the future !

Luckily,thanks to to the ''STAR TV'',we can still watch
the Series on ''STAR Utsav'',weekdays ( Mon. to Thu.)
at 03:00 PM (IST).I hope they continue showing it on this
channel at different time slots,so that more and more
viewers will be able to watch it at different places.

This is a''must-watch''TV Series for everyone.I like it so
much that I wish it could be continued On-Air forever !
I don't have a DVR but I somehow managed to record some
of it's episodes on VHS -- for my personal collection.
I hope the ''Sagars'' will release the DVD of this
extra-ordinary TV Series.

I hope the ''Sagars'' will continue producing such
historic TV Series as they made it earlier with ''The
Arabian Nights'' characters. In the movies and TV Series,
all over the world,''The Arabian Nights''characters are
best presented by the ''Sagars''.They present them most
truly and most correctly.Their direction was superb.
The acting was of the highest class.In all of them,
everything was quiet perfect --the language,the music,
the special effects,the computer graphics,etc.These TV Series
include ''Alif Laila'' , ''Hatim'' and of course this one
-- ''Princess Dollie Aur Uska Magic Bag''.Included in the
Series are all the most famous characters of ''The Arabian
Nights'' ,namely, ''Hatim'' , ''Ali Baba'' , ''Aladdin'' and
''Sinbad the Sailor'' .

This TV Series is worth-watching for more than one reason.
Basically,it is an adventure Series but it has a lot of
martial arts and action scenes.It has a lot of wit and humor.